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June 10, 2017

We would like some feed back. Leave a comment that you were here again. The comment button is located below this post.
Read some comments from others.
We would like to know how many and how often visitors drop by to see what’s new.
The site can be behind by up to 4 weeks. I try to update it every other week.

Sharen Tedford   Public Relations Officer


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Please take a wander around the Branch 96 website.  All of the information is found on this page, or at the top under the file folder names such as “About” or “Newsletters”.  A single click will open these up for you.

If you have information you would like posted, or comments, send it to The Brockville Legion Office. The Office Administrator will forward the information on to Sharen Tedford Send your comments by clicking on this link


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