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August 19, 2019

This website has been developed for use by the members of Branch 96 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada and any public who may be interested in its activities.

Lounge: 613-342-7687

Brockville Legion Branch 96 180 Park St. Brockville, Ontario Office: 613-345-0473

The Branch is located at 180 Park Street, Brockville, Ontario.  It comprises a Lower Lounge with bar and pool room, a Display room with artifacts and medals, a large upper Auditorium with bar and games facilities, a full kitchen and meeting rooms.

 wheelchair accessible, plus Elevator

The Branch has served the community of Brockville since 1927.  Over 90 years in 

Catering Service and Hall Rentals

For all occasions, Weddings, birthdays,

Anniversaries, etc.

Maximum people 250/ Minimum 50 people

Deposit 60 days in advance

For Hall rental: 613-345-0473  Brockville Legion Branch 96


Boardroom rental  613-345-0473

Is a small room, ideal for meetings and crafting.  Our Boardroom seats up to 15 people. It comes furnished with a boardroom table and chairs. Reasonably priced a $105.90 after taxes, we hope you will consider us for your next meeting.


It also has a major sports fields on its grounds, used to support local baseball leagues and other events.

Most entertainment activities at Branch 96 are open to the public.  Call 613-345-0473 for information, or check this site for monthly posts of the major events coming up.


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